Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of Halloween

   When I was a teenager I LOVED slasher flicks.  I used to love watching anything that scared the shit out of me and I would constantly watch anything ghost, witch, exorcism, serial killer, etc related.  When I moved out on my own, scary movies were not so much part of my routine unless I was watching with someone else.  Even then, I'd still be paranoid as a motherfucker.
   I used to always want to watch scary movies to get me in the mood for Halloween, yet never did because well, I'm a chickenshit.  Granted, my husband and I have lived together for 5 years but I still rarely watch scary movies.
   This year, this year is different.  I have made a plan to watch one scary movie each day, whether I watch it alone or with my husband.  I'm also going to watch a few episodes of American Horror Story in addition to my movie list.
   I'm not going all Willy Nilly and just watching whatever suits my fancy, I actually went through Netflix and my own DVD collection and picked out movies that I have never seen (with the exception of one).  Most movies are pretty new (who knew so many scary flicks made in the last 3-4 years?) and there are a few classics.
   I've decided that I'm going to blog about these movies and just talk a bit about my paranoia and whatnot.  I mean, it can't be that bad can it?  I mean, I read scary books on occasion and we all know that books are far more detailed and scary than movies (what's scarier than an active imagination?).
   I'm using a mix or horror and thriller genre movies.  The first movie I'm going to watch is Nosferatu which I've never seen before but have seen many documentaries on.  I'm pretty effing stoked.  With me publicly proclaiming this, I feel I'm more apt to stick to it.
 Thirty-One movies.  Thirty-One days.  I can do this.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sleepwalking and Ghosts?

There are a couple of things I want to talk about.  The first being the fact that I may be sleepwalking.  I don't have any proof of this other than a sore tailbone.  I may or may not have fallen while sleepwalking and now I am totally uncomfortable.
   Now, my dad and uncle were/are sleepwalkers so this may be a contributing factor.  If I am sleepwalking, this fucking sucks and it's yet another fucking disorder to add to my plate.
   I know for a FACT I have not fallen while awake and I haven't drank since July 4th.  Even when I drink I don't drink to get stupid drunk (fear of hangover/vomiting) anymore.
   So, I really don't know how else to explain this sore tailbone.  I've woken up with other injuries before and never really associated myself with sleepwalking until just recently.  My mom thinks I should put a camera in our room to see what I do at night, but... what if I have some sort of weird Paranormal Activity experience?

Which leads me to my next issue I'd like to discuss, we may or may not have a ghost or ghosts.  Yes, plural.  This entity that we feel may be in our house started off as just a feeling of unease, at least with myself.  I've had a few odd instances before while being alone in the house, cold breezes across my body when no air was flowing, feeling like my hair was being touched... just things like that.
   Recently within the last few months, other things started to happen like stuff that was solid on shelves falling to the floor while all animals were with us in the room.  We even woke up one day to a figurine of mine being spun around the opposite direction it normally faces... and neither of us picked it up and moved it, also the dust (really it's pointless to dust frequently in the desert because once you dust, it's dusty again) was disturbed as well, if my husband or I had moved the figure, no dust would have been disturbed because we would have just picked it up and turned it.  
   Then a couple of days ago, my husband went into the garage to get cat litter and as he was trying to come back in the house, he heard a click and could not open the door because he was locked out.  I was just sitting on the bed watching TV (very loudly) with the dogs so I had no clue this happened till my husband was at our bedroom window asking me to unlock the back door.  I had no clue why he was asking this till I went to open the door, I thought maybe he had been outside and the sliding door had locked on him, nope.  He had hopped the back fence BAREFOOT, and had to navigate his way through random pokey shit (stickers, trees, rocks etc).  Once my husband had this experience, he truly started to believe me that we have some sort of entity or entities rooming with us.

Now, weird stuff used to happen near the garage while my husband's dad's ashes were in there, (ie cats meowing and frequently staring at the door like they were staring at someone) now the weird things have moved into the house when we placed my dead father in law's ashes in the house.  Things got even weirder once we brought the hope chest my grandma gave me into the house.
   Since I'm the only certifiable one in the house and now my husband is a believer, yeah... I'm kinda freaked out.  Hopefully things won't get worse than a few mischievous mishaps.