Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why I don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day

   Valentine's day has never really been a big day to me.  I've pretty much always been single around it so it's always been a day to make me feel like crap for being single.  The one time I did celebrate with someone, I found out 5 days later that I was the other woman.  So yeah, that wasn't much of a good memory for me.
   I used to exchange gifts with my close friends and we would spoil each other and those were good times, but it still wasn't a big deal.
   So when my husband and I started dating and 6 months later our first Valentine's came around, I had told him I did not want to celebrate.  Why would I make such a decision? You ask.  Well, we had been living together for a few months (yes, you read that right, dating for only 6 months yet living together for a few) so I had no worries of where our relationship status was.  I knew I had met the man I was going to spend the rest  of my life with.  I didn't need to be showered with the commercial gifts that are given by every man to their woman.
   I just didn't want CW to think that one day was good enough to spoil me.  I really am low maintenance in a lot of ways.  I don't need expensive jewelry or expensive gifts, but I do like to be pampered in love constantly.  So I told CW that I want love to be shown all the time, not just on ONE day.  So he agreed.  We wouldn't celebrate on a commercialized love holiday.
  During our years together, we never have celebrated Valentine's day. I don't shun it.  I don't down others for celebrating.  It's my decision for doing so.  My birthday is 8 days after Valentine's day.  CW's is 5 days after, that's when we get gifts.
   You know... the way CW and I celebrate all year long is the best.  He shows me he loves me by making me dinner and trying to make my life as easy as possible around the house and brings me home these little surprises here and there.  I am more of a surprising him with gifts and doing unexpected things for him type.  It just works for us.  I know that I may complain, I may bitch, but I'm writing out of emotion at the time because I need to vent.  In between therapy appointments, writing is my therapy.  :)

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