Monday, November 11, 2013

A Beautiful Mind

Over the last few years, I've met some amazing people via Twitter.  Such talent, such amazing souls.  Today, I want to talk about my friend Deborah who designs these amazing knits and makes me wish I knew how to knit as beautifully or intricately as she designs.

Her mind is so beautiful.  I mean, to be able to see something in your head and put it to yarn and create these amazing patterns, that's just beyond dreams.

I had put knitting on a backburner but after seeing all the beautiful stuff she comes out with, it makes me want to just automatically know how to do everything knit related so I can give some sort of tribute to the beauty of her work.

I'm in awe of her.  She makes me smile and think.  She makes me happy.  Her designs make me happy.  I wish I could only do them justice right now.

If you are a knitter, you should check her out on ravelry: ObliviousKnits

You should check her out and try out her beautiful patterns.

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