Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 2

   Today my husband and I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I started watching the first season of American Horror Story.  My husband watched a little with me, but he was in and out of the room.
   First off, I really liked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in book version, there was of course, a lot of shit left out of the movie, but it was still pretty decent since Seth Grahame-Smith wrote both the screen play and the book.  I understand not everything can be put on the big screen that's in books so I wasn't too pissy the way I get at some movies.
   I liked the special effects a lot, I think that the vampires were gross, so I guess we're ok.  The action was intense but the movie wasn't really "scary" to me.  I guess maybe because I knew what to expect?  All in all, I dug it, but it's something I could've watched by myself and not shit myself.
   Now, American Horror Story was pretty effing weird and I can see some parts freaking me out if I were to watch it at night.  My parents are addicts and I'm sure if we would have had FX when it first started coming on tv, that I would've watched it every week as well, now we have FX and I definitely want to watch the new one.  I've always been intrigued by witches and whatnot.  So let's see.
   So far, I'm not having problems with this movie thing, but I'm only two days in. :)

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