Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Days 7 and 8

I didn't feel like blogging yesterday because I didn't feel like moving.  I miss my great grandma and I'm having anxiety about saying goodbye and seeing certain family members. Oh and spoiler alert for Silent House.

With that said, I still have been watching my 31 days of Halloween challenge that I gave myself.  Yesterday I watched The Caller  and it was pretty effing creepy.  I enjoyed it, but today's movie: Silent House has been the only movie that I was actually felt that anxiety in the pit of my stomach.  As I continued to watch the movie, I found out why.   The main character and I have something in common.  We were both sexually abused by family members, her by her dad and uncle and me by my cousin.  That explained so much because I felt much sickened by the anxious feeling the movie gave me.  I caught myself not breathing and I stopped crocheting multiple times.

I feel a little better today than I did yesterday.  I made myself a pair of fingerless gloves with the yarn in my great grandmum's stash that was given to me.  I still don't feel complete, but I know things will take time.

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