Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Days 10, 11 and 12

   My Grandma's funeral was on Thursday and we had a long day of crying and mourning and being around a lot of people.  We drove up to the mountains where my grandma was put to rest on the family ranch with my Grandpa and other family members.  
   When my husband and I got home, we were completely exhausted.  We had very little sleep the night before the funeral so we crashed very early.  I was awake off and on all evening.  I still had yet to watch my scary movie for the day, but I figured if I didn't watch it, I would miss my goal.  
   I picked one of the shorter movies on my list, The Haunting of Whaley House which had to be the most awful movie I've ever seen.  The acting was terrible, the scripting was terrible.  This movie sucked.  It was painful to watch.  I did however power through it, to say that I watched a movie.  I lost an hour and a half of sleep and my life to this terrible movie.  
   Friday night, I decided to watch an older movie that I'd never seen, The People Under the Stairs this too had terrible acting.  It was however interesting to see a bunch of people when they were younger, like the girl who played Rayanne from My So-Called Life and the guy from the milk commercial who takes a bite of a peanut butter sandwich and can't swallow to say "Aaron Burr" from a while back... among others.  There was a bright spot in the movie which was the rottie.  He was sooooo cute!  The effects that made this dog look "vicious" were laughable.  I guess in comparing to my mom's sweetie pie rottie, it's hard to see them as mean.  Then again, I rarely see dogs as bad.  
   Tonight's movie was actually good.  It was The House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence.  My husband and I watched together and we both enjoyed it.  He now has a new found admiration of J-Law.  I've enjoyed her since Katniss.  I recommend this one.  

So, I know I didn't blog daily as I was trying, but I am still meeting my movie goals.  It's just been a rough week.  

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